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Body Ecology Attunement Center was located in downtown Greensboro for 17 years before it was destroyed by fire in December 2001. The store which
is pictured below was built at my house, by us at the above address opening in February of 2003.

Read about our fire in the News & Record article

We continue as a jewel, activating the many healing and balancing facets of natures' greatest resource is "you the client". Through your birth energy we harmonize your personal desires for greater energy, stress relief, image enhancement, knowledge, relationship enhancement and power.

We provide general healing balance through blending nature's herbal concentrates known as essential oils according to a 4,000 year old pattern based on the instruction from Imhotep and Hypocrites. We use the birth energy of you the client as the pattern for internal and external healing therapies.

We help harmonize your balanced personal transformation through crystals, color, herbs, Chinese energy herbals, essential oils, therapeutic music, books, natural foods, cosmetics, dietary supplements, and personal readings.

  Art's Book of Life
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Check out Art's Book of Life!
From Dogma to Light
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